Cat's Crazy Year Quilt
Cat’s Crazy Year Quilt

Cat’s Crazy Quilted Diary – I was in the hospital in December of 2019 and as I began to recover Covid hit, and we were in lock down. I made these six and a half in crazy blocks as a morning creativity stretch and record of my year. I started with my cat fabric scrap bag and added photos I printed on fabric.

Every scrap of fabric is a personal piece of my quilting history. Fabric used in quilts I made; some pieces were gifted to me by friends that (correctly) thought I would love them. Some fabric is hand-painted by me and lots of the blocks have comments and drawings I added.

There are 64 blocks on my design wall and another 50 plus that will eventually join them. And, of course, now that I’m addicted to the process, there will be more.