Repair:  Quilts were made to be used.  If that’s what you want to do with grandma’s quilts we will bring it back to the best usable condition so that the quilts can be enjoyed.  I try to repair them with all the love and good vibrations intended by the original quilt maker. 

I charge $20.00 per hour, plus materials.  I keep careful track of my hours.  I don’t charge for accessing the quilt, finding fabric, washing fabric or what I call “tea and pee.”  If you bring a second quilt it’s 10% off, three or more quilts from a good customer is 20% off.  I can’t afford to work for less.  Documentation and photographs clearly showing what was done is very helpful in having clients understand the process and the fee.  I want both my customers and myself to be happy.

Restoration:  Restoration involves getting as close to the original materials as you can with things like vintage fabrics (not reproductions) and caring for it with the aim of preserving its value and – making it last as long as possible so that it can be passed down to future generations.  Matching fabric is placed over the damaged fabric and gently sewn in place.  If necessary all the repair pieces can be removed so that you can see the original quilt.  

Conservation: Conservation is generally employed with museum quality quilts that have historical value.  The quilt is preserved according to archival protocols that include storing it in a dark, humidity controlled environment, as flat as possible with the least amount of folds.  Stop any possibility for further deterioration.